“The Ambitious Poker” By C.C Agan – Cahayapoker

“The Ambitious Poker” By C.C Agan – Cahayapoker

“The Ambitious Poker” by C.C. Agan – Cahayapoker. I’m not saying that the author doesn’t have a sense of humor. What I am saying is that he doesn’t always take his humor to an extreme.

In this book, we are introduced to a fast car. C.C. Agan is a good writer, and we see the story through the eyes of his car. We meet his family. I liked them, they were lively and I could relate to them.

“The Ambitious Poker” I felt was more of a travelogue than a novel. There’s a quick plot, and the characters don’t go far. The location isn’t very interesting, and the ending is somewhat abrupt. C.C. Agan is not one of those authors who will challenge you with difficult topics in a light-hearted way. However, I did enjoy the quick action, adventure, humor, and action genre of this book.

“The Ambitious Poker” is good at describing the “how” of an accident. Sometimes the car goes too fast, sometimes it’s too slow. It doesn’t really matter, because it is the result that matters.

One thing that struck me about “The Ambitious Poker” was that I’ve always loved the movie “Robocop.” So much so that I actually brought it up while reading this book. However, C.C. Agan didn’t use the Robocop references, instead, he used his “fast car” theme.

C.C. Agan is a good writer, and even though he never plays a sport like poker, he is able to write about it with ease. He has a flair for the English language. If you enjoy books like “She,” “Penny Dreadfuls,” or “The Boys of Fall,” then you will likely enjoy this book.

My common mistake is to read books as a guide to action rather than an overall narrative. I found myself wanting the story to come to a satisfying ending. It had a bit of a feel of a “Best Seller” type. However, I read a little slower than I normally do, and when I read it in that style, I couldn’t get into it.

“The Ambitious Poker” is a fun book to read, although it is a bit slow going. If you enjoy books with an adventure and a bit of humor, then you may enjoy it.